DECT Award Regulations

DECT Awards 

Any applicants (company/operator) with a product based on the DECT technology and its derivatives can enter. 
An entry fee of 250 € will be applied for any applicants who are not members of the DECT Forum or the ULE Alliance. 
There is no restriction on the number of products, which an applicant can enter, and an applicant may enter all categories.

Applicants have to register on the website. They must provide a promotional video (upload) or a link to an existing video for each registered product.
Ideally the duration of the video should not exceed 2-3 minutes.
Promotional videos can be uploaded on the website: Award 2021.
Links to an existing video can be sent to:

Recognised industry personalities will form the prestigious jury. 
The jury members will be announced soon on the DECT Award 2021 website.

Public use of information
All information provided should be suitable for public release and not company confidential. Applicants acknowledge all regulations of DECT Award.

Please address all your requests to

Please register here:
Application form DECT Award 2021


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