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DECT Awards 2018/19 registration instructions:

Interested companies must register through the Awards 2018/19 website. It is recommended to bookmark and visit the Awards website regularly for updates.

Applicants must provide a max. 3-minutes video (MP4 format, file limit 400 MB, must not be a professional video) for each registered product or at least a vocal/visual explanation of the key attributes for the product submitted for the Awards, e.g. a voice over of the presentation.
Other collaterals such as brochures, fact sheets, etc. are not required and will not be considered by the jury. All documents/files must be uploaded to the website.

Shipment of devices
Samples of short-listed devices, full functionality required, and a 5-pages presentation (PowerPoint) must be shipped to the jury meetings. 
Date and address will be announced later.

Products that do not arrive in-time for the jury meetings will be excluded. Shipping costs and any other financial efforts with respect to the participation in the Awards must be carried by the applicant.
Samples of registered products will also be used for other exhibitions of the DECT Forum and not be returned to the manufacturers.

Recognised industry personalities will form the prestigious jury.

Public use of information
All information provided should be suitable for public release and not company confidential. Applicants acknowledge all regulations of DECT Awards 2018/19.

Please address all your requests to

Please register here:
Application form DECT Awards 2018/19


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