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Panasonic passes ULE certification
The ULE Alliance has announced that 10 ULE products from Panasonic have successfully passed the certification programme.
"We are pleased that the number of certified devices is constantly growing. I would like to congratulate Panasonic for their 10 certified ULE products", said Avi Barel, Business Development Director of the ULE Alliance. "With the certification program the ULE Alliance follows the tradition of a high degree of interoperability, inherited from the reliable and worldwide-adopted DECT technology."
"The growth strategy of Panasonic aims to enhance our innovative product line up to a wide range of interoperable hardware, software and services. With the new Smart Home products in place we will contribute to the success of the very much promising IoT market", said Hans-Peter Steinbrueck, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe. "The Smart Home products will give our customers peace of mind in daily life regardless of whether they are staying at home or on the move. We will continue our efforts to provide our customers with new innovative Smart Home devices in future."
An overview of all certified devices carrying the ULE logo including devices from Crow, Huawei and Vtech, can be found here: The tests were conducted at AT4 wireless, the official testing and certification partner of the ULE Alliance, AT4 wireless offers the ULE Alliance members testing and certification services for ULE devices:
The Alliance describes ULE technology as a leading infrastructure and standard for home wireless networks, and assists its members to develop IoT solutions that build on ULE’s technological superiority in communication range, interference-free operation, voice and video capability.
The ULE Certification Program ensures interoperability of devices across multiple manufacturers and enforces a high quality requirement for product operation to achieve consistent user experience.
VTech announces home monitoring system
VTech Communications has announced the immediate availability of its DECT-based Wireless Monitoring System with Cordless Telephone and Garage Door and Open/Closed Sensors (VC7151- 109), providing home owners an affordable, home monitoring technology that the company says is easy to use.
This easy-to-install system features smart home capabilities, providing state-of-the-art monitoring for every corner of the home. With the garage door sensor, home owners can receive alerts on the handsets and base when their garage door is up or is opened during certain hours. The open/closed sensor allows them to keep tabs on areas like doors, cabinets and windows, and receive an alert when they open, protecting the things home owners value most.
It provides visual and audio notifications throughout the home, so consumers need not be tethered to any one particular place or device for updates on what's going on anywhere in the house. And, alerts can either be set to go off every time a status change is detected, or users can select certain timing parameters for their notifications. Alerts aside, consumers can also – at any time – check the status of the sensors using the phone menu.
"Every home owner wants to feel secure and comfortable at home. And when considering a smart home wireless monitoring system, consumers shouldn't be limited by their tech-savviness – or lack thereof," said Matt Ramage, senior vice
president of sales and product management. "That's why we've designed this new consumer-friendly Wireless Monitoring System that brings smart home capabilities into the homes of all consumers."
In addition to smart home monitoring capabilities, the VTech VC7151-109 Wireless Home Monitoring System with Cordless Telephone and Garage Door and Open/Closed Sensors is also a fully-featured telephone with built-in answering system. It features Caller ID Announce so you can hear who's calling without running to the phone. With up to 22 minutes of recording time and a digital answering system voice set-up guide, you can be confident you won't miss a message. This system is expandable up to five cordless handsets and 400 sensors.
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise adds new cordless phones
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) has announced the expansion of its desk phones portfolio. The latest ALE product enhancements enable companies to create a personalized connected experience, while ALE business partners benefit from offering a wide range of simplified communications tools that help meet business needs.
The new Alcatel- Lucent 8262 DECT is a robust handset with a ruggedized body ideal for harsh environments such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas. Robustness assures employees stay connected with the rest of the organization even in a physically adverse work environment with its man-down, no movement, pull cord and emergency button.
The 8212 DECT is an entry-level handset with a modern, compact design. The two new DECT phones leverage the value and features provided by ALE communication servers when connected to OmniPCX Office RCE, OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Enterprise Campus.
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