DECT Evolution

DECT Evolution is part of the current DECT standard and enables manufacturers and system integrators to develop applications that can be implemented using the current DECT GFSK interface.
DECT Evolution brings some changes in the ETSI DECT standard that help increase its suitability to market spaces with stringent latency and/or reliability requirements, such as Industry 4.0 and PMSE (Program Making and Special Events).
DECT is a proven reliable wireless technology. DECT Evolution brings a host of improvements to the technology based on currently available spectrum. With the URLLC and LC3plus additions to the DECT standard, significant improvements can be achieved in terms of data reliability, latency and audio performance.
This is especially beneficial for well-known applications in PSME (Program Making and Special Events), but also in healthcare and potentially new applications areas such as industrial automation.
DECT Evolution was conceived to optimize the potential of legacy DECT, remaining flexible , backward compatible and competitive, and open the door to a wide range of application fields such as:

  • Call centers and offices with high density of DECT headsets
  • Low latency games controllers
  • Critical man-to-machine and machine-to-machine interfaces in Industry 4.0
  • Controller and wireless sensors for Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Smart Home and building automation
  • Process automation
  • Connected healthcare sensors
  • Mobile robots, and many more

Background information

DECT Evolution - a DECT Forum White Paper

DECT Professional Applications


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