Certification Working Group

Mission of the Certification Working Group (CWG)

To support member driven initiatives for certification of products and services based on the DECT technology. These initiatives denote a seal of quality and in some cases interoperability of certified products and facilitate the growth of specific target markets and the improved marketability of member products therein. This includes but is not restricted to, CAT-iq certification for HD Voice based services, and DECT Security certification for products typically targeting the enterprise communications market.  

Certification Working Group             Certification Working Group       
Current topics

- Voice quality
- Data transfer
- Localization
- Security

Why join the WG

To influence the development of the standards and certification programs for DECT / DECT Evolution and DECT-5G and continue to drive the adoption of new products and services for the DECT technology, thereby withholding high standards for quality and interoperability to increase the value generated in those markets e.g. voice handsets, headsets, sensors, home gateways.


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