CAT-iq Working Group

Scope of the Working Group:


CAT-iq has been initiated by the DECT Forum in 2005 and was launched in December 2006. Since 2009 the CAT-iq 2.0 certification program is available, which includes wide band voice and multi-line. CAT-iq 2.1 is an evolutionary step to address short-term change requests of market participants and will be available in early 2014. CAT-iq 3.0 (SUOTA) will follow during 2014.

CAT-iq Working Group  CAT-iq Working Group 

Current activities:

The Working Group's objective is to drive the constant development of the CAT-iq technology and leverage the market deployment world-wide.

Since October 2013 the CAT-iq 2.0 Certification is available for the US.

A cooperation between DECT Forum and the GSM Association (GSMA) allows owners of the
CAT-iq 2.0 certification certificate to use the GSMA HD Voce logo.

Chair of the Working Group: Mehdi Jazouli (Invoxia)

Meetings of the Working Group (bi-weekly):
by email invitation to members
(for details please contact the Secretariat)

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