Regulatory Working Group

Scope of the Working Group:

1. Frequency Management
  • Defend allocation of frequency bands to DECT, primarily 1880-1900 MHz in ITU Regions 1 and 3 and within 1910-1930 MHz in ITU Region 2, secondarily other bands
  • Push further harmonization of the 1880-1900 MHz band
  • Promote DECT as IMT family member
  • Liaise with committees on national, regional and international level (e.g. CEPT ECC, FCC, ITU-R)
  • Respond to public consultations
  • Send delegates to relevant committees and fora
  • Regular reporting about activities in committees and fora
2. Ad-hoc Groups
  • Push further harmonization of market access and promote free circulation of goods
  • Activities to be defined upon demand
Chair of the Working Group: Daniel Hartnett

Meetings of the Working Group (bi-monthly):
by email invitation to members
(for details please contact the Secretariat)

Quick link to the documentation of the Working Group


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