The DECT Forum is a non-profit industry organization, founded in 1997 and based in Bern, Switzerland.

DECT Forum Board:

Adrie van Meijeren (Dialog/Renesas)

Adrie was working in the semiconductor industry since 1991 - of which the last 17 years in sales and marketing of wireless system-on-chip products. Since 2016 he worked in Bluetooth low energy product marketing in Dialog/Renesas as a marketing group manager being responsible for bringing multiple Bluetooth LE products successfully to market. From 1st of April 2022 Adrie joined the Audio & Voice product line as marketing director. 

Christian Schepke (Gigaset) / CFO

Christian holds a diploma in electric engineering. He has 20 years experience as a professional in the internet and telecommunication industry.
Jens Christian Lindof (RTX)

Jens Christian has 30 years experience with wireless and RF technology, and holds an M.Sc.EE degree within telecommunication. In the early 90’es he was involved in developing some of the worlds first cell phones, and worked for many years with Texas Instruments on their cellular chipset development and reference designs, before working for a few years in Canada and US as a manager of wireless design groups at Flex and Anaren Microwave. Since 2011 he hasheaded the RTX Design Services business unit and was 2019 also appointed CTO for RTX A/S.
William Berrie (Shure)

William started work at a Philips Telecommunications division on analog telephony products. This led to designs for ISDN key-systems including interfaces for the short-lived CT2 cordless technology. Subsequently he worked on ATM, VoIP, SDH and OTN systems. He started working on DECT systems when he joined TES UK, where he also worked on Wimedia Ultra-Wide-Band. Currently he works at Shure UK on microphone systems utilizing DECT.
Andreas Zipp (VTech) / Chairman

Andreas Zipp joined VTech Telecommunications Hong Kong in 2006 to support VTech’s transition into new business areas. Andreas is responsible for broadband business development, new technologies and innovation in VTech Telecommunications ODM business division. Prior to joining VTech Andreas had been CTO of Swissvoice. Andreas has over 20-years-experience in Broadcasting Systems, Multimedia and Telecommunications in various senior positions. Since 2006 Andreas is a member of the board of the DECT forum, in 2012 he became chairman of the DECT Forum board.


Business Development Director: Roel Ottink
Secretary / Marketing: Roland Schmidt





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