Japan Working Group

Scope of the Working Group:

The Japan Working Group has been founded to promote DECT in Japan.
In particular the Working Groups promotes the 1.9 GHz Cordless Telephony Standard in Japan.
In order to leverage the deployment of DECT the Working Group has created the J-DECT logo, which is owned by the DECT Forum and can be used by member companies.

The Working Group attracts local companies and encourages them to a strong market deployment of DECT products in Japan.

Japan Working Groupの活動目的

DECTフォーラム ジャパンワーキンググループは、1.9GHz帯を利用するデジタルコードレス電話向けの規格として制定されたDECTを日本国内で普及させるために設立されました。



ジャパンワーキンググループ代表 森川和彦(日本DSPグループ(株))

Chairman of the Working Group: Kazuhiko Morikawa (DSP Group)

Meetings of the Working Group:
by email invitation to members
(for details please contact the Secretariat)

Quick link to the documentation of the Working Group


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  • openD Launch Conference 2019

    openD Launch Conference 2019
    February 25, 2019 (9am)
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Fraunhofer IIS
    Nordostpark 84

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    Free entrance - registration required.




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