The Mission of the DECT Forum is to support a collaborative environment of the DECT industry and drive programs to develop and improve DECT wireless technology in order to exceed wireless communications expectations and meet the needs of a technology-shifting world.

To address the industry needs, the DECT Forum will initiate and drive all the necessary activities to ensure a growth of the DECT market, the technology and related products and applications.

To achieve this, the DECT Forum:

  • Will campaign for the DECT technology in the best possible way with the funds that are available
  • Will protect and expand the allocation of DECT frequencies worldwide
  • Will encourage its members to take part in the enhancement of the DECT standards and applications through active participation in the standardization bodies and interoperability and certification programs
  • Will stimulate and inspire the DECT industry to utilize the full frequency spectrum with applications and products, in support of the DECT business and revenues of the DECT Forum members
As a result of these activities:

Consumers will gain confidence in a mature and reliable technology that complies with customer needs and increases personal satisfaction.

Members will benefit from a collaborative Industry initiative that widely promotes, enhances, and secures the DECT technology.





  • DECT Forum Showcases Smart Home IoT and HD Voice Products at Broadband World Forum 2018

    October 10, 2018


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  • openD Launch Conference 2019

    openD Launch Conference 2019
    February 25, 2019 (9am)
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Fraunhofer IIS
    Nordostpark 84

    For more information:

    Free entrance - registration required.




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