NR+ Working Group

Mission of the WG

- Define DECT-5G 
- Facilitate entrance into new regional and application markets
- Act as a facilitator between industry participants
- Create open exchange with ETSI TC DECT to ensure all use cases are covered and protection of legacy DECT in core spectrum

Current Topics

- Defining the unmet needs to be solved by DECT-5G
- Fleshing out use cases: sanity check

Why Join the WG

- Define and Influence the direction of the industry, specification, priorities, business model
- Be the voice of DECT-5G for the industry
- Roadmap creation, aligning of legacy (certification) programs with DECT-5G


First NR+ Conference

May 24, 2022 - 1pm until 5pm CEST

Keynote PMSE: Simon Eley, BBC
Keynote IoT: Teppo Hemiä, Wirepas
Industry speakers will provide their views on different aspects of the new standard
Panel discussion with all speakers

Moderation: Walter Tuttlebee, WTIS

Registration is open: NR+ Conference

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