ETSI TC DECT Chairman Subsidy

Wednesday 01 November 2017

To DECT Forum member companies proposing a candidate for the role of Chairman of the Technical Committee for DECT in ETSI.

The following functions including travel costs should be fulfilled for a subsidy of 15,000 Euro p/annum, provided by the DECT Forum.

TC DECT Chairman Tasks:

Specific responsibilities are:

•           Preparation and chairing of the TC DECT face-to-face meetings and of

            DECT telephone conferences

•           Participation in relevant ETSI OCG and Board meetings

•           Production of the ETSI management reports

•           Giving presentations to the ETSI Board

•           Providing DECT input to relevant ETSI publications, e.g. the annual reports

•           Preparation of STF requests and participation in STF review meetings

In addition to the above, DECT Forum would expect fulfillment of the following tasks:

•          Coordinate alignment between DECT Forum and ETSI TC DECT toward common industry goals - in particular:

o Quarterly TC DECT Status Update to DECT Forum including report and telephone conference

o Technical liaison with DECT Forum on Regulatory working group

o Support Liaison between ETSI, FCC and ANSI as well as other regional regulators to channel DECT related standards into all regions

Pre-alignment between TC DECT and DECT Forum with respect to the choice of STFs and strategic direction of TC DECT.

To this end DECT Forum expects the following:

o Flagging relevant decisions in quarterly reports

o Timely summary of minutes of quarterly TC DECT STF meetings, key take-aways, actions to get to next milestone

o Notification of relevant ETSI events, conferences, meetings

Any other activities typically carried out by the TC DECT chairman are also included.

Daniel Hartnett

Business Development Director

Wabernstr. 40

CH-3007 Bern



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