DECT Award Winners 2017 Announced

June 1, 2017.

Bern, June 1, 2017. The DECT Forum is delighted to announce the winners of the DECT Award 2017 in the Design, Innovation, Enterprise and ULE categories. The 2017 Award winners have been selected by a prestigious jury and were presented at the DECT ULE Technology Summit in Amsterdam (May 31 – June 1).

DECT Award Design

Riedel: Bolero (Winner)

DECT Award Innovation

SGW Global: Alexa Enabled Voice Recognition Sensor (Winner)

Binatone: Thor (Runner up)

DECT Award Enterprise

Riedel: Bolero (Winner)

Shure: MXW Wireless Channel Density (Runner up)

A-Safe: Rackeye (Highly Commended)

DECT Award ULE (Ultra Low Energy)

Panasonic: Allianz Assist (Winner)

VTech: 3-in-1 Connected Home (Runner up)

Please read the entire press release (PDF).

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